100-year anniversary

“You have to survive for 100 years!” – And because you can’t do it alone, it’s time to say thank you. To our customers, to our suppliers and to our employees. We thank all of them for the common success in such a long time.

90th anniversary

90th company anniversary of Joh. Nep. Jerger KG

Commissioning of logistics centre high-bay warehouse

3000 parking spaces for demand-oriented delivery and to increase the service level at Jerger

Construction of a new production and administration building

After focusing on new industries in conjunction with a sustained growth phase, the construction plans were decided. Thus the basic requirement for a fully automated three-shift operation was fulfilled.

Takeover of the company by Günter Jerger

  • Günter Jerger quickly recognized that the future lies in modern manufacturing technologies
  • Farsightedly he followed the trend towards automation and quickly bid farewell to the so-called single-spindle automatic lathes and invested in fully automatic rotary transfer machines

Orientation of the company in other sectors

Jerger thus circumvented the dependence on one industry at an early stage

Johann Nepomuk Jerger founds the company

  • Start with the production of watch springs and turned parts
  • Through the chaos of the war, the company not only had to experience the removal of the production plant, but also the decline of the regionally strong watch industry.