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Good connections are
always an advantage –
if you can really
rely on them.

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It is therefore our aim to develop connections for you that are based on your requirements and those of the market. According to our philosophy: to realize solutions of the highest quality with the most modern technologies. Thanks to the high degree of automation and tough quality tests, many well-known customers have valued us for years. You too can benefit from our know-how. Jerger is your reliable partner for steel fastening technology.

Verschiedene Produkte aus Metall



The combination of future-oriented full automation and constant pressure to innovate enables us to process several 1000 tons of free-cutting steel (with and without lead) per year in three-shift operation and offers our customers safety in the production process and high flexibility:

Multiple face processing options such as milling, drilling, slotting, thread cutting and turning. Especially in the area of ​​transverse processing, we convince with
maximum efficiency.

Our technical capabilities:
· Round material – ⌀ From 4.5-18.5mm in coil
Profile material up to 18 mm (e.g. square/hexagon)
· Part length up to 110 mm

Building &
plant construction

We are a renowned manufacturer of high-quality fasteners for the construction industry and plant construction.

Therefore offers a wide range of products including transverse threaded studs, weld nuts, expansion anchors and crowns, round nuts and extended sleeves with thread reduction.


As one of the leading manufacturers of Steel fasteners machined eccentrically can be, we distinguish ourselves by a outstanding quality and precision.

Our Fasteners are able to also den to meet the most demanding requirements.

Threaded pins

High quality fasteners for various applications such as grub screws, height adjustment screws and grub screws or set screws.

The grub screws offer a secure hold and are ideal for applications where reliability is of great importance.


Our wide range of complete solutions such as sub-assemblies, connection kits and assembly groups are specially designed to ensure fast and efficient assembly and are available in various sizes and configurations to meet the needs of different applications.

Multiple processing
& Knurling

Fastening elements such as knurled and welded nuts, screws, expansion cones, expansion anchors, hinge pins, adjusting screws and bolts are high-quality special products. These products include multiple threads, multiple machining, endless knurling and cross knurling, as well as complex machining in rotary transfer processes.


We also offer fasteners for the furniture industry, such as cross nut bolts, screw-in dowels, screw-in and drive-in sleeves, miter connectors and many more.

The miter connectors are specially designed for the furniture industry and offer a reliable connection of them.

Profile steel

Our high-quality profile steel products include a variety of options, including square profiles and individual customer geometries.

The square profiles are available in different sizes and materials and thus offer great flexibility in processing and application.


Cross machining of fasteners including cross nut bolts, housing and cross hole bolts is a demanding operation. Our cross nut bolts are made of high quality steel and offer high strength and stability. These are available in different sizes and designs.

Geschäftsleitung JERGER aus Niedereschach, Ralph Jerger, Günter Jerger, Heiko Jerger

Innovative development

precisely in your production

As an innovative company, we face the usual price wars in the industry with maximum flexibility and a quality standard that has meanwhile brought the company loyal customers worldwide. Our company exports its quality fasteners worldwide and we continue to strive for healthy and organic growth. With success.

Constant concern

qualitative, sustainable,

We attach great importance to the careful use of resources and the environment. A constant optimization of the raw materials and means of production used takes place hand in hand with the customer.

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